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This so-called Life that we live is so VERY interesting! As I sit here this morning on my laptop writing and putting my thoughts into this computer, I am humbled once again by the Grace which my Heavenly Father has brought to me.

For much of my life, I have struggled with understanding my purpose in organized religion. And for much of my life, I have struggled with an “unhealthy relationship with food”, in particular sugar and carbs.

I’ve known for a couple of months that as soon as I was able to get my physical health under control I would start embracing what I am choosing to call – “My Physical Transformation”. Little did I know at that time, that I would be embracing “My spiritual Transformation”, as well. BOTH at the same time!

I’ve prayed, pondered, and meditated quite a bit on this, over the last couple of days… And the thoughts keep coming back to me “These two VERY sensitive subjects Spiritual and Physical Transformation is ONE OF ALIKE”!

It is my hope and prayer that as I embrace this journey, I may help others along my way. I have chosen to call this blog “Untangling Your Spiritual Cobweb’s” for one reason and that reason is this. Untangling Your Spiritual Cobweb’s – One thread at a time. This is a new concept for me. Let’s study this together… A spider’s web, especially when old and covered with dust. Something resembling a cobweb in delicacy or intricacy. What do cobwebs symbolize? The cobweb is much like a piece of fabric. Its spiral shape embraces the idea of creation and development. In this sense, the cobweb symbolizes the negative aspect of the universe representing the Gnostic View that evil is not on the periphery but in its center, at its very origin. What does clearing away the cobwebs mean? To remove a feeling of confusion, vagueness, or lack of clarity about something (from one’s mind). She wanted to clear out the cobwebs from her head.

Or in other terms or words that we are used to, “Untangling Your Spiritual Cobweb’s” is VERY similar to the concept… “Peeling an Onion – this means to delve into a problem, one layer at a time, to thoroughly understand what’s causing all the trouble.” Peeling back the onion is an expression often used in psychotherapy as a metaphor for what takes place during the process of self-discovery. When discovered in this way, we can take the necessary time to allow the layers to slowly peel back to allow for the hidden parts to emerge.

It is my honor and pleasure that I have chosen today Tuesday, March 1st, 2022 to start untangling my spiritual cobwebs. I am excited because I don’t know exactly how this is going to look yet, or how many threads I am going to need to untangle.

The main purpose is that this is the START! The start of a VERY new healing process in my life both Spiritually and Physically.

May I be able to take one day at a time for now, and maybe even one hour at a time, and if that is too hard, just one minute at a time, as I navigate through this process.

I am excited to see where this journey is going to take me.
I am excited to share it with you!