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WOW – I don’t even know how or where to start with this Blog…However, with that being said, I know that this “Heavy Subject” needs to get out there. So, here I go.

It’s been two years this May since I have been on my own. Separated from my 4th husband, living in a 5 bedroom 3 bath home alone, financially alone, physically alone, sexually alone, emotionally alone, spiritually alone. My divorce was finalized on October 30th, 2020.

I’ve dated many wonderful men online and in person throughout these months. I traveled throughout the Christmas/New Year’s Holiday ALL around the world to meet someone I thought I could/would fall in love with. NOTHING EVER WORKS OUT…AND THERE IS A HUGE REASON WHY. I am just as guilty for this reason…but it is a HUGE concern of mine!

The reason is…there is SO MUCH DAMN pain in this world! There is SO MUCH DAMN hurt in this world! Men and Women want “healthy relationships”, but their past of pain and hurt stands in the way!!!

This quote from my book “The Butterfly Experiment” stands out to me with this “Heavy Subject”. “I thought I was broken and needed fixing…NOT TRUE! I was hurt and needed healing… A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CONCEPT!”

It is my personal experience that people DO NOT want to put their past in the past! They do NOT WANT TO move past the pain and hurt! They want to try and have relationships, but they stay “broken and feel they need to be fixed”. They do not want to admit the hurt and start the process of healing! This is huge! HUGE!

MY heart, mind, body, and spirit CAN NOT AND WILL NOT take a beating ANY LONGER in the dating field. As of today, I am choosing to not date or get into a relationship until I have personally worked through “my process of healing from the hurt I have been through and the hurt that I have caused”.

Please watch for future blogs, as I share My Personal story of how this trans folds.

Crossing My Finger’s that there is a Wonderful Gentleman out there that wants and desires the same “Healthy Relationship through Healing” that I do.

May my Father In Heaven continue to guide me through this process.

– Annette Wasden