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Time 2 Be Kids Learning Center

What drives me? Studying and continuing learning about “Early Childcare Development”. I have had the opportunity in the past 6 years to continue my education through Utah State University and Weber State University with (CAC – Care About Childcare). I’ve had the opportunity to achieve both my Child Development Associate Credential in both “Infant/Toddler” Certification and “Preschool” Certification. I will be attending again this year 2022 to receive my “Family Child Care” Certification. These wonderful classes teach on subjects like “Biting Hurts”, “The Magic of Play”, “Keeping Infants Safe”, “Supporting Breastfeeding in Child Care”, “Social-Emotional Development in Young Children”, “Toddler’s in Child Care”, Toilet Learning”, “Preschoolers in Child Care”, “Social-Emotional Development in Young Children”, “Child Development and Guidance”, “Fun and Fitness: Addressing Childhood Obesity”, “Nurturing Children’s Self-Esteem”, “Observing, Recording, and Assessing Children’s Development”, “Great Day’s with Kids: Curriculum and Lesson Planning”, “Making Learning Fun”, “Many Ways to Learn for Toddlers and Preschoolers”, “Social-Emotional Development in Young Children”, “Transitions and Other Troublesome Times”, “Brain Development”, “Ages and Stages”, “Early Childhood Stress: Serious Stress in Children’s Lives”, “Emergency Preparedness in Child Care”, “Lead Safety in Child Care”, “Managing Health and Safety in Child Care”, “Sanitation for Disease Prevention in Early Childhood Programs”, “Sun Safety”, “Transportation Safety”, “Creating Schedules and Routines”, “A Joyful Life of Caregiving”, “Parents and Child Care” and “Principles of Child Development and Learning”. THIS…SUBJECT…AND….LEARNING….IS…SO…INTRIGUING…TO…ME!!!

How long have I been in business? Time 2 Be Kids will be 3 years old on January 2nd, 2022. We opened on January 2nd, 2019. I am the oldest of 8 children. Both my father and my mother are educators. When growing up, my parents owned and operated 2 preschool/day schools in the Salt Lake City suburb area. I worked at each of their locations. I babysat a ton as a child and teenager. I had the opportunity at the age of 15 turning 16 in 1984 to go be a Nanny in Scarsdale, NY. After highschool, I attended Dixie College where I studied “Early Childhood Development”. In 1987 through 1989 I had the opportunity to go to Philadelphia, PA to be a Nanny again. ALL my life I have LOVED children….literally EVERYTHING ABOUT CHILDREN. ALL the ages and stages. I’ve worked in the retail/grocery business and in the medical field as a financial counselor. I always somehow find my way back to working with children.

Type of Learning I offer – I offer a safe, healthy learning environment for young children from the ages of 8 weeks old until 11 years of age. My main components in my Learning Center is to advance the physical, cognitive, communicative and creative development of young children. My staff and I give positive guidance techniques to support appropriate social and emotional development of young children. We encourage positive, productive relationships with families in our community. We also encourage a child centered approach to learning, such as “Play-based Learning”. It is a type of early childhood education based on child-led and open-ended play. Play-based learning helps children develop social skills, motivation to learn, and even language and numeracy skills. Taking initiative, focused attention, and curiosity about the world are all a part of play.

Why the kids love to be at My Learning Center – I currently have my In-Home Learning Center in my home. My home feels like “Home away from Home”. We have family style dining, which the children love to visit and eat with each other. We have fun learning centers in our learning center, such as “dramatic play, blocks, books, reading and literacy, sand and water, nature and science, music and movement, an art studio”. We specialize in “fine Motor skills and Large motor skills”, offering inside and outside areas for our brain development. When the children attend our Learning Center, they are well balanced in all areas. We encourage Family Outings/Field Trips/etc. We are involved with our local community. It is just a fun, fun environment to be in.

Teacher Spot Lights –

Miss Alisha: AM Assistant Director/Infant Toddler & Preschool Curriculum Specialist

Miss Katherine: PM Assistant Director/Infant Toddler & Preschool Curriculum Specialist

Miss Crystal: AM Infant Toddler & Preschool Curriculum Specialist/Bus run Driver

Learning Center Photos



5-year-old boy ~ “Miss Annette Wasden, why is Dumbo’s name Dumb? Is he dumb?”

Me ~ “Do you know what the word dumb means?”

5-year-old boy ~ “No, maybe…does it mean people are not smart?” Me ~ “What does the word smart mean?”

5-year-old boy ~ “Smart means you know EVERYTHING”!!!

Me ~ “Does Dumbo look like he knows EVERYTHING OR does he look like he is dumb?”

5-year-old boy ~ “Dumbo is the smartest elephant of ALL….he learned how to fly”!!!

Me ~ “You are right?!?!” “And how do you think he learned how to fly”?

5-year-old boy ~ “I don’t know….did his Mom tell him he could”?

Me ~ “I don’t know if his Mom told him how or not…but I do know that HIS MOM NEVER, EVER listened to the other elephants and that HIS MOM LOVED HIM MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THIS WORLD”!!! “She BELIEVED IN HIM AND THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERED”!!!

5-year-old boy ~ “Dumbo is a VERY LUCKY ELEPHANT, Miss Annette”!!!

After this conversation, I took it upon myself to teach about “Name Calling, Bullying and Judging One Another”!!!

This afternoon in our After School Program we all chose to participate in a paint project. During the project, the conversation came up AGAIN!!! I sat down and had a similar conversation with the group of 8 children.

Next thing I know…I introduced them to Auggie from “Wonder”!!! We watched some clips from the Movie. Then we watched some clips from the movie “Dumbo”!!! We ended our winter afternoon After School Program with a Dance Party, dancing to “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman!!!

I’m NOT going to lie….I teared up with HAPPY AND GRATEFUL TEARS…As I sat here watching these 8 adorable children learn these AMAZING LIFE SKILLS CALLED ~ “NO JUDGMENT AND BE KIND TO EVERYONE”!!!

My heart is COMPLETE!!!


Bring on 2022!