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About Annette Wasden

From a survivor of indescribable abuse, a deeply insightful guide to getting back to your “true-self” again – in order truly heal and move on. 

Annette Wasden helps readers in their struggle to understand the experience of toxic relationships. Her first book, The Butterfly Experiment; how to heal and transform your life, guides readers on their transformation process – how to fully heal from abuse in order to find love and acceptance for the self and others. 

With The Butterfly Experiment; how to heal and transform your life as a gentle guide, you’ll learn about different types of trauma, find helpful assessments, and discover how traumatic experiences – even childhood and incidental traumas – can affect all aspects of your life: your relationship choices, the roles you play in them, your sense of pleasure and desire, and how you approach your career, spirituality, and interactions with others. Using the combination of mind-body interventions, cognitive-behavioral theories, and exercises woven into each chapter of this warm-hearted, relatable book, you’ll begin to address the unresolved trauma held in your body and advance your healing process. So, if you’re ready to move beyond the trauma that’s been holding you back in your relationships, at work, and in your spiritual life, this guide will show you how. 

Annette is a suicide survivor. She has also survived childhood abuse and neglect. She has suffered multiple physical health conditions, hospital admissions, and surgeries. She has also survived the devastating loss of her oldest son; Jeffery James. 

Her deepest desire is that her story will help, encourage and educate those who suffer from mental health issues and are striving to overcome them. Her personal diagnoses are PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), C-PTSD (Complex PTSD) Depression, Anxiety Disorder, Eating Disorders, Addictive Behaviors, and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).